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BatPower has been committed to the R&D and production of power products for more than 10 years. We use only premium materials and cutting-edge technology, to ensure complete safety and long-term durability.

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External Battery Power Bank for Microsoft Surface Pro

Product is only surpassed by their service!

Vivian Myers

I've had my Batpower for about a year and I can't say enough about this charger! It's a must have when I'm traveling with my Surface Pro 4. Even better is the customer service. I'm at a conference in Florida and just realized that I left the charging cable that connects to the adapter. I called customer service and we explored options to mail the charger but then the rep pointed out that though slower I could charge with a micro usb cable. This solution will work for me and ensure that for the next few days I can use the charger during the day and charge it at night. By the many products can you buy from Amazon and if there's a question or issue call someone and speak to a real person? Thanks Gene! The charging power of the ProE2 is fantastic. Often at large conferences there's a good chance you won't be near an outlet. I rarely use paper and pen and prefer to take notes on the Surface. Sure there are charging stations for in-between sessions (at large conferences), but if you are in back-to-back sessions, you'll be grateful for this charger. It charges the Surface about 1 1/2 times and I'm usually charging my galaxy S 8, 9 or 10 at the same time. It's durable, but truth be told I'm careful with it so, except for a couple of drops, I can't say that I've put it through it's paces. I'd highly recommend this if you travel and want to be able to use your tablet anywhere. I even use it at work if I know that I'm going to be moving from conference room to conference room. And of course, even if you aren't using it to charge your tablet it's also great for phones. I ride on the back of my husband's Goldwing motorcycle and on long trips will sometimes read a book or listen to music. It fits in one of the pockets on the bike and ensure's I always have juice. I've included a picture so that you can see the size.


Fishing Reel Battery for Daiwa Seaborg 800MJ

I was impressed for the BatPower electric reel battery!

Stedson L.

I’m very satisfied about Batpower 15000mah electric reel battery! I’ve paired the BatPower with my Daiwa Seaborg 800MJ and Tanacom 750, recently took the duo out tunna and grouper fishing on the Califonia to get a feel for the high capacity of the BatPower and to familiarize myself with the Seaborg 800MJ. For the Tanacom 750: After a full day of a rookie electric reel user working the reel yarding numerous grouper the battery was only down a quarter capacity. I was impressed. For the Seaborg 800MJ: The following three days I took the combination to San Diego as part of an annual three days fishing trip. Once again the battery reel combination operated impeccably especially in the deeper water fishing for blue tunna. I had power to spare at the end of two days and recharging was a breeze. This battery’s performance under heavy pressure was amazing and made me, my fishing buddy’s and our guide , believer’s. Yes, this is more expensive than a 12V marine battery but it is well work the money, comes with two different power cords to fit almost all fishing reels, and the battery is easy to use and it even has a USB quick charge slot on the back to charge your smartphone.


2Pack 18V 9Ah Batteries for Milwaukee M18

These Batpower batteries work as advertised.


These batteries work in my Milwaukee tools and single battery works for up to 8 hours, my charging station will charge them. That is all I can report based on direct experience so far. Of course, we would really like to know whether they perform as well as OEM batteries and whether they last as long. I haven't had time to learn that yet. The price is about 1/3 the price of original Milwaukee batteries and I doubt the original batteries are three times better.


120W Laptop USB C Car Charger

Love the Voltage Range

United States of Alaska

I was pleased to find this USB-C charger that has a 12 volt to 24 volt range. I fly radio controlled aircraft and I have a ton of LiPO batteries. I hooked this thing up to a 6,000 mah, 6S, 22.2 volt LiPo battery and it works really well. It charged my laptop very quickly. With that battery I can run my laptop all day on one fully charged pack. TSA allows me to carry on my airline flights two of these LiPo packs at this capacity. Saves me a ton of money as I don't have to buy large capacity USB-C power banks. I think it's cool to use my hobby batteries cause I'm such a nerd. Plus part of my hobby expense is now a valid business tax deduction! Glad that BatPower provided this option!


Surface Laptop Portable External Battery

The perfect solution

william k schlipp

I own an old Surface Pro 2 which I like very much but the battery is worn out and can only power the computer for about 45 minutes before needing a recharge. This renders my computer virtually useless unless I have an electrical outlet near by, and because the battery is not replaceable it was looking like I would have to spend the money to buy a new computer. The BatPower ProE 2 ES7B Power Bank was the perfect solution. The light and compact design of this battery makes it easy to bring along and I have been able to charge my Surface Pro 2 twice before having to recharge the Power Bank. I have also found that I can connect the Power Bank while I'm using the computer allowing me to use it for three hours without needing an electrical outlet. I did have to make an addition purchase to get the cord that fits my Surface Pro 2 but the cord was relatively inexpensive and it the money I spent for the Power Bank and the cord was minimal compared the the cost of buying a new computer. The product is simple to use and I very happy to have found it. It allows me to use my computer away from home again! It is also very versatile in that it will charge virtually any rechargeable electronic device I own such as my phone, Bluetooth head phones and my wife's Apple computer and phone. I an 100% satisfied and would recommend it.


120W Slim USB C Charger Power Adapter for Laptop, Tablet and Smartphone

Sleek, light and powerful


I am travelling a lot, frequently flying between Europe and the US, and was looking for a travel charger that was strong enough to power up my HP Spectre laptop (90 W requirement), plus iPhone, iWatch, iPad, etc. at any voltage. I had purchased a car charger from the same manufacturer earlier this year, working perfectly. This charger appeared to be exactly what I needed for my other travels. In fact, it is just as good as the 12-24 Volt version: I never get a message from my laptop reminding me to use an original charger. This means the BatPower charger produces enough juice. A huge plus is that it is capable to charge additional devices at the same time through its 2 USB outlets - the HP charger is missing these, which means you always have to carry a second charger. Size and weight are comparable to the HP charger; it gets about as warm as the HP - even "at full throttle" it does not get hot; as it is very slim it fits in every bag - the cables take more space than the charger; and, it works with every voltage - you just need to take a small adapter or a second AC cable (easy to find everywhere as it is an 8 type) when travelling abroad. I highly recommend this product.


2 Pack 20V 60V Batteries for Dewalt DCB609

Impressive batteries from Batpower


Got a pair of these in one order, and I must say, these are some legitimate batteries. On all knock-off tool batteries I've tried so far, BatPower appears to be the most precise match to the OEM stuff. To date I've tried out their big Red and big Yellow variants and yeah, power level is on par with the OEM output, and battery life isn't all the way there, but they are close. Unlike other knock-off batteries, I'd say these are about 90% there head to head against the OEM batteries. And on this particular model, the flex volt batteries are the most versatile and I own a few of the Dewalt tools which will all take on these flex volt Max series batteries. So this is a perfect pair for me. The battery clicks into place without any loose feel, and pressing the unlock button has the same feel as the OEM battery. I am very impressed with these. Overall, I'm very happy to have found this brand which does a great job with the knock-off's. Going down the road when I'm in need of knock-off batteries at a fraction of the price as the OEM piece, I'll look for BatPower for sure. Highly recommended.


Surface Laptop Power Bank

Great Battery - Plan Ahead for the most efficient use of it

Harvey Bowen

As a small business owner, I needed a battery that was capable of charging a MS Surface Pro and was also TSA approved. I was very pleased using this battery on a trip to Alaska, going through TSA at multiple airports like a breeze. The unit's variety of cords allowed for charging not only my Surface, but also my Samsung Galaxy 21+ phone and my husband's iPhone. I have recommended this unit to my business clients as a very valuable resource for on the road work.


Someone recently bought a

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